Summer and Waves Painting and Digital Painting Competition

題材 : 夏日
Subject : Summer

All forms of painting and digital-painting are welcome to participate


--繪畫 Painting
Any form of physical painting (only flat works are accepted), such as Chinese painting, oil painting, plastic color, gouache, watercolor, pastel, sketch, cartoon, collage, craft painting, etc.

--電繪 Digital painting
Any form of digital painting creation is not limited to software and creation methods.

截止日期 Deadline
15 Sep 2024


賽果公布 Result Announcement
On or before 7 Oct 2024

報名費用 Registration fee
比賽分組 Groups
(The age of the contestants is calculated based on the competition deadline)
年齡不限 No age limit 入門組 Entry
3歲 - 5歲 Age 3-5 學前組 Preschool 
6歲 - 8歲 Age 6-8 初小組 Primary Junior
9歲 - 11歲 Age 9-11 高小組 Primary Senior
12歲 - 14歲 Age 12-14 初中組 Secondary Junior
15歲 – 17歲 Age 15-17 高中組 Secondary Senior
年齡不限 No age limit 公開組   Open


報名方法及提交參賽作品 Registration and submission of works
  1. 所有報名只接受網上報名方式,其他方式之提交一律不獲處理。
    All registrations only accept online registration, other forms of submission will not be processed.
  2. 賽事報名前需先註冊e-Competition.hk會員帳號。
    An e-Competition.hk membership account must be registered before the competition registration.
  3. 登入會員帳號後,可於賽事網頁中填寫報名表及上載參賽作品。
    After logging in to the member account, you can fill in the registration form and upload the entries on the competition website.
  4. 提交報名表及參賽作品後,將進入付款程序,繳交報名費用。
    After submitting the registration form and entries, you will enter the payment process and pay the registration fee.
  5. 完成付款後,請檢查電郵信箱,收取報名確認通知。
    After completing the payment, please check your email to receive the registration confirmation notice.
  6. 機構/導師會員可協助多名學生報名參加賽事,所有經機構/導師會員報名而未有e-Competition.hk會員帳號之參賽者,成功報名後,將即時自動開立個人會員帳號,以便參賽者自行查閱賽事資訊。
    Institutional/Tutor members can assist multiple students in signing up for the competition. All participants registered as Institution/Tutor members but did not have an e-Competition.hk membership account will automatically open a personal membership account immediately after a successful registration. In order for the participants to check the competition information by themselves.
  7. 參賽者可隨時登入會員帳號,查閱賽事狀態、成績、獎項訂購、郵寄狀態等資訊。 
    Contestants can log in to their member accounts at any time to check the competition status, results, prize ordering, mailing status and other information.

If you cannot receive the registration confirmation email, please check the "spam box". If there is still no confirmation email, the email address may have been entered incorrectly during registration. Please go through the registration process again. If you still have questions, please contact us.

參賽作品要求 Work requirements
  1. 所有參賽作品於網上報名時同時提交,實際大小不限。
    All entries should be submitted at the same time during online registration, and the actual size is not limited.
  2. 作品提交檔案只接受JPG或PNG檔案,檔案最大為5MB。
    Only JPG or PNG files are accepted for submission of works, and the maximum file size is 5MB.
  3. 實體畫作需清晰拍照或掃瞄為電子檔案提交,拍攝時需將全幅作品展示,作品需佔拍攝畫面最少一半位置。參賽者之樣貌、姓名等個人資料不應出現在作品或檔案內。
    The physical painting must be clearly photographed or scanned as an electronic file for submission. The full-scale work must be displayed during the shooting, and the work must occupy at least half of the shooting screen. Personal information such as the entrant's appearance, name, etc. should not appear in the works or files.
  4. 作品之原始檔案或實體正本必須妥善保存至賽事完結。賽事期間賽會隨時要求參賽者提交作品原始檔案,以作核實、評審等不同用途。未能在要求限期提交作品原始檔案,將取消參賽資格。
    The original file or physical copy of the work must be properly preserved until the end of the competition. During the competition, the competition will ask the participants to submit the original files of the works for verification, evaluation and other purposes. Failure to submit the original file of the work within the required deadline will result in disqualification.
  5. 每名參賽者報名次數不限,唯每項報名只能提交一份作品,而每份作品只能於是次賽事報名一次。
    There is no limit to the number of entries for each participant, but each entry can only submit one work, and each entry can only be registered once for the competition.


獎項 Awards
  1. 各組設冠、亞、季軍一名,及金、銀、銅、優異、參與獎名額不限。
    Each group will have a champion, second runner-up and third runner-up, as well as an unlimited number of gold, silver, bronze, merit and participation awards.
  2. 所有得獎者均獲發電子獎狀一張,以示表揚。
    All winners will receive an electronic certificate to show their appreciation.
  3. 得獎者可於成績公布後登入個人帳戶下載及列印電子獎狀。
    Winners can log in to their personal accounts to download and print electronic certificates after the results are announced.
  4. 各獎項之得獎者均獲申請訂購額外獎狀/獎座的資格,得獎者可按個別需要於網上申請。
    Winners of each award are eligible to apply for ordering additional certificates/trophies. Winners can apply online according to their individual needs.
  5. 獎狀/獎座申請可於成績公布後6個月內,登入會員帳戶申請,次數不限,逾期申請一律不獲處理。
    Certificate/trophy applications can be applied by logging in to the member account within 6 months after the results are announced. The number of applications is unlimited. Late applications will not be processed.


付款方式、費用及郵寄 Payment Methods, Fees and Shipping
  1. 所有付款項目只接受網頁內付款系統之收費方式,其他方式之付款一律不獲處理,以指定方式以外付款之任何款項一律不予退回。
    All payment items only accept the payment method of the in-page payment system, other payment methods will not be processed, and any payment made by other methods will not be refunded.
  2. 報名費用包括:賽事行政費、評審及電子獎狀。
    Registration fee includes: event administration fee, judging and electronic certificate.
  3. 獎狀/獎盃申請費用包括:行政費、所申請之獎獎狀/獎盃費用及一次本地可追蹤郵件或快遞費用。
    The certificate/trophy application fee includes: administration fee, the fee for the award certificate/trophy applied for, and a one-time local trackable mail or courier fee.
  4. 獎狀/獎盃寄往非本地(香港)郵寄地址,參賽者需另支付相關額外郵寄費用。該郵寄費用將於申請提交後確認,申請人可留意電郵通知或於網頁內查閱申請狀態,郵費確認後便可繼續付款程序。
    If the certificate/trophy is sent to a non-local (Hong Kong) mailing address, the entrant will need to pay the relevant additional mailing fee. The postage fee will be confirmed after the application is submitted. Applicants can pay attention to the email notification or check the application status on the website. After the postage is confirmed, the payment process can be continued.
  5. 獎狀/獎座申請將於成功申請日期起計算之下個月一日開始處理,並大約於開始處理後兩個月內完成寄出程序。而寄出後之郵寄時間,請參考郵遞機構所提供的資訊。
    Certificate/trophy applications will be processed on the 1st of the following month from the date of successful application, and the mailing process will be completed approximately two months after the start of processing. Please refer to the information provided by the postal agency for the mailing time after delivery.
  6. 本地郵寄均以順豐快遞寄出,如未能安排,則改用香港郵政掛號郵件寄出。
    Local mail will be sent by SF Express. If it cannot be arranged, it will be sent by Hongkong Post registered mail instead.
  7. 非本地郵寄一律以香港郵政平郵掛號寄出,相關費用及郵遞時間,可參考「香港郵政」網頁計算。
    Non-local mail will be sent by registered surface mail of Hongkong Post. The relevant fees and delivery time can be calculated by referring to the "Hongkong Post" website.


    If the mailing area does not provide the mailing service of Hongkong Post, it will be sent by international express with the best price provided by the following shipping website.

  8. 所有獎項(包括本地及海外)不論任何情況下(包括但不限於郵寄資料錯誤、未能收件、未能簽收、錯過收件日期),引致未能成功發送、接收、寄失等,一律不會安排補發。如郵件獲退回賽會,申請者欲安排補寄,其相關郵費由申請者自行承擔。
    All prizes (both local and overseas) will not be accepted under any circumstances (including but not limited to incorrect mailing information, failure to receive, failure to sign for receipt, and missed delivery date), resulting in unsuccessful delivery, receipt, loss, etc. A replacement will not be re-arranged. If the mail is returned to the competition, the applicant wishes to arrange for re-sending, and the relevant postage shall be borne by the applicant.


比賽規則 Competition rules
  1. 是次賽事將跟據「通用比賽規則」及是次賽事之規則進行,參賽者一經報名,即已明白及同意遵守所有規則之內容。
    This competition will be conducted in accordance with the "General Competition Rules" and the rules of this competition. Once the participants register, they have understood and agreed to abide by all the rules.
  2. 所有作品一經遞交,即表示同意本會將作品在任何時間以任何方式作展示展出之用,而不需另行獲作者同意。
    Once all works are submitted, you agree that we will display the works at any time and in any way without the need for the author's consent.
  3. 如賽會要求參賽者提交參賽作品實體正本,參賽者需於限期內將作品遞交至指定地點。
    If the competition requires the entrant to submit the original physical copy of the entry, the entrant must submit the entry to the designated location within the deadline.
  4. 所有作品之任何損壞,賽會恕不負責。
    The competition will not be responsible for any damage to all works.
  5. 若提交的參賽作品包括人像,參賽者有責任獲取相關人士的同意,並於必要時,向主辦單位提供證明或授權文件。
    If the submitted entry includes portraits, it is the entrant's responsibility to obtain the consent of the relevant person and, if necessary, provide the organizer with a certification or authorization document.
  6. 以下作品將被取消參賽資格:
    The following works will be disqualified:

       Involving photos or pictures that violate the laws of any country;
       Photographs or pictures obtained in violation of the rights of others;
       Photos or pictures that contain pornographic, nudity, obscene, violent and other controversial or inappropriate subject matter;
       Photographs or pictures involving intentional harassment, disrespect or damage to the wild ecological environment;
       Photographs or pictures that threaten the safety of any person or animal.

  7. 任何費用一經繳交,不論任何情況均不設退款。
    Once paid, there is no refund under any circumstances.

  8. 主辦單位全權保留對參賽資格的最終決定權。
    The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on eligibility.


本賽事關鍵日期參考 Key dates for this event
Competition deadline
Result announcement date
7/10/2024 或以前 or before
Certificate/Trophy Application Time
10/2024 - 4/2025
Certificate/Trophy Processing
The first day of the next month from the date of successful application
Certificate/Trophy mailing
Within two months after the certificate/trophy is processed